Your Action Plan

Assess Performance and Create Action Plan
Your business has joined the program and is ready to act. Here’s what’s next:

  1. You’ll receive: a welcome email, future e-newsletters with upcoming events, and the ESAP (Environmental Sustainability Action Plan) document.
  2. Use the ESAP to identify your “baseline” (actions already taken) and set your 2012 goals
  3. Submit your ESAP to 10 for Change (optional); we will check in with you soon thereafter to offer personal support
  4. Within 30 days you will receive an official Membership Certificate

Implement Action Plan

  1. Identify an internal Green Team. Call us if you need support.
  2. Ask us for window stickers and reminder prompts for light switch plates and computers
  3. In a company meeting, announce your new 10 for Change membership and 2012 ESAP goals, for buy-in and participation from colleagues.
  4. Place your Membership Certificate in a common area next to a copy of your 2012 ESAP goals.
  5. Announce contests or other friendly competitions to help reach your goals.
  6. Keep in touch and ask us for help when you need it!
  7. Update your ESAP as you make progress towards your goals.
  8. 10 for Change may request your ESAP in late 2012 to help identify annual award winners.

“10 for Change inspired me to take on a large lighting efficiency project at the Whiterock Building. Replacing the recessed cans with energy efficient LED fixtures affected more than energy consumption. We have happy tenants, lower operating costs and the whole building looks better. We are very happy with the results.”

-- Stephanie Bingham, Whiterock Building Manager

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