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  • Energy Actions: Cassie Milestone, City of Boulder 10 for Change Member Support & Events, 303-441-4191.
  • Waste Actions: Jamie Harkins, City of Boulder, 303-441-1846 (see * below)
  • Transportation Actions: Chris Hagelin, City of Boulder, 303-441-1832
  • Water Actions: Russ Sands, City of Boulder, 303-441-7404
Rebates & Grants (Free Money!)
  • City of Boulder Solar Grant Fund
    Grant funding for nonprofits located in the City of Boulder. Applications are accepted twice a year; in 2012, deadlines are April 23 and August 31.
  • EnergySmart Advising, Incentives and Financing
  • Xcel Energy Commercial Rebates
  • City of Boulder Commercial Water Rebates
  • Recharge Colorado Commercial Rebates
Commercial Energy Assessment Providers
  • EnergySmart Assessments
    Comprehensive energy efficiency services for homes and businesses throughout Boulder County.
  • Xcel Energy Audits and Studies
    $1,800 value for $300 or less depending on building size. This is a detailed on-site energy audit by an energy engineer. Includes cost and savings estimates, Xcel Energy rebates and paybacks.
    Boulder-based 10 for Change member business offering comprehensive sustainability consulting.

Commercial Composting & Recycling Providers
  • Western Disposal Commercial Services
  • EcoCycle Commercial Services

Tax Incentives

  • There is a federal tax deduction for up to $1.80 per square foot for implementing energy efficiency measures. Click here for more information.

Zero Waste Signs for Businesses
Clear and visible signage is critical for a successful zero waste or recycling program. Businesses in the City of Boulder may order up to three sets of laminated posters and bin labels (and two sets of bathroom composting posters) by emailing Jamie Harkins. The posters and bin labels below are designed to be sector-specific, enabling various types of businesses to better communicate which materials are recyclable and compostable.
Bonus Offer! Custom Posters Also Available
Are you interested in custom posters that have pictures of the actual materials you use in your business? Contact Jamie Harkins for instructions on how to submit photographs and have custom posters created free of charge!


Lighting Retrofit Case Study with 20% Energy Savings

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