Implement Action Plan

  1. Identify members of your business’ Green Team, even if it’s just you. Ideally, your team would assign “owners” to take the lead on one or more initiatives.
  2. Order “turn me off” prompts from 10 for Change (for light switch plates, computers, printers).
  3. Announce 10 for Change membership and 2011 SAS goals in a company meeting
  4. Place your Membership Certificate in a common area next to a copy of your Actions Scorecard goals.
  5. Announce contests or other friendly competitions to help reach your goals
  6. Be sure to take advantage of available financial resources
  7. Update your Scorecard as you make progress towards goals.
  8. 10 for Change will request your current Scorecard once per quarter (in time it will become an online process).

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