Assess Performance and Create Action Plan

Your business is officially registered and is ready to act. Now what?

  1. You’ll receive a Welcome email with registration confirmation and the Excel-based SAS (Sustainability Actions Scorecard)
  2. A 10 for Change representative will schedule a visit to deliver a New Member Packet and go over the goals of the SAS*
  3. Complete your SAS baseline (estimate 30 minutes)
  4. Work with your business to choose new actions from the Scorecard to serve as your 2011 Challenge goals.**
  5. Deliver your customized 2011 goals SAS to us, and we’ll send your official Membership Certificate.
  6. Implement Plan

The SAS assesses your current “baseline” performance by assigning points to actions you have already implemented (or practice regularly) in the categories of outreach, energy, waste, transportation, and water. Your baseline score puts your business in one of four tiers (1-100 points are possible). 10 for Change wishes to thank ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA for its permission to customize its Scorecard Template for our local businesses.

**Then, by setting 2011 goals in the SAS, you automatically calculate your 2011 “target actions” points and tier.

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