What is 10 for Change?

10 for Change has engaged Boulder businesses in a friendly challenge to save money by integrating sustainability practices in their operations. Efforts to save energy and water, reduce waste, and travel wisely all contribute to Boulder’s community sustainability goals. We set a 10% target for the average business; some have achieved over 80% in some areas, so take the challenge and see how far you can go!

In the City of Boulder, commercial buildings are responsible for the majority of our community’s greenhouse gas emissions (58%). 10 for Change helps you and achieve your goals through:

  • Sustainability best practices education
  • Tours of member businesses and networking events
  • Referral to EnergySmart to identify areas of opportunity in your business
  • Publicity through marketing, publicity, and an annual awards ceremony

Demonstrate your intention to become an environmental leader and join today!


10 for Change was co-founded in 2008 through a public-private partnership of the City of Boulder, Cleantech Solutions and Hogan Lovells. The program is funded by the City of Boulder’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) tax.  10 for Change is endorsed by the Boulder City Council and our program partners EnergySmart, the Boulder Chamber, Downtown Boulder Inc. and the Boulder Independent Business Alliance (BIBA).

10 for Change offered us valuable insights into energy saving measures and energy data tracking for our offices. With sustainability being a major focal point at Ecoscape, we were grateful for their support.

-- Bill Melvin, President, Ecoscape Environmental Design







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